Dirk Nowitski is the all star forward for the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks.  He just won the NBA Finals MVP award, and is a world wide star.  That's why it's so surprising to see that he is just now getting some much deserved Internet love.  Now instead of wondering what it would be like to soar like Mike, kids are now aspiring to be like Dirk.


Obviously the people over at Funny or Die are n0t condoning children drinking, unless of course Dirk condones it.

Now while Dirk's popularity stock is on the rise, I don't expect any new shoe or clothing contracts coming anytime soon.

Let's face the facts, there is only so much a 7 foot German can sell.

In case there is anyone out there that still doubts why Dirk is great, this guy will explain it all to you . . . sort of.