Expect to see a rise in gas prices in Michigan this month. That's something we've all become accustomed to as temperatures get warmer outside, expect higher gas prices.

But, it looks like we're walking into new territory when it comes to prices. And if history teaches us anything, once those prices go past a certain point, they'll never go back down.

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Details are showing that gas prices are the highest they've been since September of 2019.

Michigan drivers have seen gas prices steadily increase over the past few weeks due to rising crude oil prices,” said Adrienne Woodland, spokesperson, AAA-The Auto Club Group. “With Midwest refineries beginning the switch to the more expensive summer-blend gasoline and the Gulf Coast refinery outages still having an impact, motorists could continue to see higher pump prices through the week.”


So I have a question. What the heck is "summer-blend gasoline"? Is that just a fancy term to charge people more money? Is that the same as labeling certain foods "organic" just to raise prices? I know we'll probably never get the real answers, and complaining won't fix anything. Just expect your pockets to get hit a little harder this upcoming summer when paying for gas.

All this does is makes me wanna buy a Tesla more and more..

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