Grand Blanc schools enforced a 'Face To Face' dancing policy at this years homecoming dance that led to more than two dozen students being kicked out, and hundreds leaving midway through.

"They started playing the Hokey Pokey, Disney's 100 Greatest Hits," Zoie Powers said as she explained what she calls the debacle of a homecoming dance at Grand Blanc this past weekend.

Grand Blanc High School Principal Jennifer Hammond says it was inappropriate dancing that prompted the removal of more than two dozen students from the homecoming dance Saturday.

In a letter put out to parents and obtained by ABC12, Hammond says, "For the past few years, the manner in which our students have been dancing has become inappropriate and at times, downright lewd and overtly sexual."

Check out the full letter sent to parents from ABC 12.

Other schools have had the same issues with student dancing, but this is by far the largest walkout due to dancing regulations.

Is this an issue of true vulgarity becoming a problem, or just a generation gap that all students an administrators struggle with?

 ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI