It was only a matter of time before the 'Flint Water Crisis' became a punchline for some, and 'Family Guy' didn't hold back in their latest episode.

The scene shows Stewie and Brian plotting against their grandpa, when Brian asks Stewie what he is going to spray.  Stewie replies,

It was just tap water from Flint, Michigan.

Knowing that they may have crossed an unspoken line, the scene then cuts to Stewie punching a sign that says, "Things Stewie can't say."

Now before everyone goes crazy, and starts calling for the head of Seth MacFarlane on a platter, this was actually a satire on the greed that caused the Flint Water Crisis.

The episode was based around the bad decisions that Brian and Stewie made after being consumed by money and greed.  Not so coincidentally, these are the same basic motivators that lead us into the Flint Water Crisis.

What's your take on the scene?  Are you offended, or do you think that there is a deeper satirical reason for the Flint Water joke?


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