Fat Joe pulled a fast one on his old friend DJ Khaled. The "Lean Back" rapper appeared on Power 106's The Cruz Show and ended up pranking DJ Khaled during the episode.

DJ Khaled has a fear of flying and will only travel on land. With that in mind, Fat Joe tried to see how far he could push his pal. Joe called Khaled, coming up with a story that he had a chance to perform the new single "All the Way Up" on Ellen. The catch was that Ellen DeGeneres would only have him on to perform if Khaled was there to deejay.

The always game DJ Khaled seemed up for it, but then Fat Joe hit with him the bad news. The performance was happening that night, so Khaled would need to fly to make it. Apparently Khaled's fear of flying is quite serious as he refused to help his friend despite Joe's pleas. Joe carried the bit out for a little while before finally letting his friend off the hook. The D.I.T.C. member told Khaled it was just a prank as The Cruz Show crew let their voices be heard.

"Yo, Cruz, you set me up," DJ Khaled said.

When it was all said and done, Fat Joe has to get some credit for pulling off a pretty good prank. He and Remy Ma's new single "All the Way Up" has a lot of buzz, so it's believable that they might get an opportunity to perform on Ellen. And considering how much DeGeneres enjoyed DJ Khaled during his recent appearance on the show, it's not far fetched that she would want him to appear again.

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