After seeing all of the candidates for this poll, its easy to see why Snyder is in the lead by over 3,000 votes.

Flint knows all about the damage Rick Snyder has caused the city with the Flint Water Crisis, but it seems most of the country does as well. Voting is still going on for the World's Most Disappointing Leader, but after looking at the current standings Synder is set to take the W. Snyder even beat out Martin Shkreli, former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals. Below is the current top 5 most disappointing leaders...

1. Rick Snyder - Governor of Michigan

2. Martin Shkreli - former CEO of Turing Pharmeaceuticals

3. Chris Christie - Governor of New Jersey

4. Dilma Rousseff - President of Brazil

5. Rahm Emmanuel - Mayor of Chicago

You can still vote for the World's Most Disappointing Leads. Click here to cast your vote.



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