Let's set our clocks to Daylight Saving Time (like we did last weekend) and never change the time again. The move is one step closer to reality, now that the US Senate has approved a bill that would establish a new 'Standard Time' for most US residents.

The 'Sunshine Protection Act' would mean no more springing forward and falling backward. It would also mean more daylight in the evening during the winter months, eliminating the need to drive home in the dark for millions of workers across the country.

Approved by a Voice Vote

The bill was approved by the US Senate by a 'voice vote,' meaning no roll call was required because the measure was approved unanimously.

The Sunshine Protection Act is now expected to go before the House of Representatives where it is expected to be approved. From there, the bill will go to President Joe Biden whose signature is required for approval.

There is speculation, but no clear indication whether President Biden is in favor of the measure.

Bill Introduced by Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio and the bill's supporters tell Reuters the change wold not take place until November of 2023.

"I know this is not the most important issue confronting America, but it's one of those issues where there's a lot of agreement," Rubio said. "If we can get this passed, we don't have to do this stupidity anymore."

If the bill is passed, the change will not affect Hawaii, parts of Arizona, and US territories that do not spring forward in the summer.

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