Vehicle City Fashion Week is going on right now in Flint, and Kala Wilburn came to Club 93.7 to let us know what it's all about.

If anyone is going to enlighten us about VCFW, it's Kala. She is the founder of the event, and has been running it since the beginning in 2012.

The first thing that everyone learns about VCFW is that this is about way more than fashion. Yes there are award winning designers, and tons of extremely talented people involved. That is what brings legitimacy to the initiative. When you dig down into the roots of VCFW, you start to see that the week is about so much more.

Fitness, personal health, healthy minds, confidence, and showing that everyone has a special talent are just a few of the messages that break through the fashion.

The VCFW has been filled with great events all week, and it all leads up to the runway show on Saturday night at Factory TWO. You can get all of the event details and buy tickets to the show here.

Check out some of the highlights of last years VCFW show below.

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