Vehicle City Fashion Week 2018 starts today in Flint, and the week is full of great events.

Kala Wilburn has been the driving force behind VCFW from the beginning, and is excited about the new programs this year.

If you're not familiar with Vehicle City Fashion Week, it is a week long initiative that works to educate an entire community through fashion. The events are also helping local designers get exposure for their work, and network with professionals throughout the industry.

There are events planned for every day of the week starting tonight at the Farmers Market in Flint. The first event gives you a glimpse of how wide the scope of VCFW is.


If you were thinking that this was just a typical runway show with models walking back and forth, you couldn't be more wrong.

Check out the full flyer below for the entire week of events.


One of my favorite events is happening Thursday at  Berston Field House. The Fashion Against Violence Workshop is aimed towards kids getting involved with the design process. The event is free with registration which makes it even easier for parents to get their kids involved.

You can get more information about Vehicle City Fashion Week 2018 on Facebook here. If you would like to buy tickets to any of the events, you can get them here.

Check out some of the highlights from last years show below.