We haven't had any significant snowfall in Genesee County all winter, but that is about to change Friday night.

Forecasts are showing a storm moving in late Friday night that could bring 4-8 inches of snow. I know that doesn't warrant a cool weather name like "Snowpocolypse" or anything, but considering it's almost February and we don't have any snow on the ground, it's a big deal.

The snow is scheduled to hit us late Friday night, and run into Saturday morning. 3-5 inches could fall in that time, with another 1-3 during the day on Saturday according to forecasts.

via Mid Michigan Now
via Mid Michigan Now

The real problem will come Saturday afternoon when the snow starts to turn to rain. Our area is already dealing with more water than we know what to do with, so a bunch of rain and melting snow is only going to cause more problems.

Things could get even worse as temperatures fall off on Sunday into Monday. That means all the slush and rain will most likely freeze over. That could make Monday morning driving a wreck.


We could talk about this whole storm moving in and we get next to nothing. It's definitely going to be one or the other though . . . or somewhere in between.

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