Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as the U.S. Secretary of Education despite never actually working in the education system.  This opens up all kinds of possibilities for the rest of us.

DeVos has no qualifications that someone should have to try and run our country's education system.  She's never actually worked at a school, and none of her kids went to public schools.

She didn't let that little bump in the road stop her from becoming the Secretary of Education though, and I think we should use it as inspiration.

So instead of torturing yourself with the question of "Why?"  I think we should all be asking ourselves, "Why not?!"

With our new, "Why not" mindset, lets take a look at some of the exciting new careers that are in store for us.


So you never went to med school?  No problem, we've all been to a hospital or two.  I'm sure everyone has watched at least one hospital drama on TV as well.  This means that you might actually be overqualified for the job.  If you're tired of waiting for a $15 minimum wage, then go ahead and slide into this lucrative profession.


The saying, "It's like riding a bike!" will soon change to, "It's like flying a plane."  Pilots have been doing this for a long time now, and some of them have even been sober when they do it.  While it's not required, I suggest that you take at least on flight before becoming a pilot.  If that's not possible, then maybe just watch Top Gun.


This is pretty self explanatory, and Betsy may have used this clip when she tricked convinced everyone that she should be Secretary of Education.


This job is not as well known as the others on the list, but probably one of the most important ones.  Thousands Hundreds Many Some students are definitely possibly sitting in class, scared to death of when the next Grizzly Bear will come in.  Thank goodness Betsy has the foresight to protect you, and following her example, you can add this job to your resume.  I think the dress code looks a little something like this.


President Trump Holds Listening Session With County Sheriffs
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No experience? No problem!  What more needs to be said?

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