Three Michigan cities are on the 'Worst American Cities To Live In' list put together by 24/7 Wall St., with Flint and Detroit sitting near the top.

The list of the 50 Worst American Cities To Live In was put together with a number of factors in mind.  According to 24/7 Wall St. they narrowed the list by using the following factors,

Based on a range of variables, including crime rates, employment growth, access to restaurants and attractions, educational attainment, and housing affordability

When all of the information came in, three Michigan cities landed in the top 50.

Lansing came in at 35 with the following justification.

Typical in less desirable places to live, home values in Lansing are low. The median home value is only $75,800, 12th lowest of any U.S. city and less than half the $194,500 median home value nationwide. A dwindling population likely contributes to low home values in Lansing. The population has fallen by 4.7% over the last decade, even as the total U.S. population has climbed by 11.5%.

Flint was ranked third with the highest poverty rate in the country (40.8%), and a huge decline in population.  The Flint Water Crisis was also a factor, along with a lack of reliable municipal services.

Detroit topped the list with the second highest poverty rate in the nation.  The massive population decline in Detroit along with the high crime rate helped the D earn the number one spot.

So what does this all mean?  If you ask me, it doesn't mean a whole bunch.  It's a bunch of people who have probably never been to Flint or Detroit, telling the internet how terrible it is here.

You know one thing that they don't know anything about?  The spirit of our city.  The love for Flint that almost everyone in Flint has.  The fight that we all maintain to keep our city alive.

So right now the numbers don't look good.  All that means is that the work that so many of us are doing to improve our city will be more satisfying when Flint comes back.  I challenge any of the people believing this article to come visit Flint for a few days. Walk through downtown, visit the Farmers Market, visit Berston Fieldhouse, and go to the Cultural Center.  Talk to any one of the hard working people that fight for our kids to have a fair shake.

I promise you'll have a different outlook of our city.

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