If you're asking yourself, "What is the Snow Challenge?" then the videos below will catch you up to speed real quick.

After the huge snowstorm that hit Flint and the entire lower half of Michigan, people have decided to take the Snow Challenge since driving isn't an option.

The Snow Challenge is where you strip down to your underwear (or bathing suit) and dive into a huge pile of snow.

Yup.  It's not smart, but it is hilarious to watch.

Just a word of common sense here though . . . since the wind chill is expected to be -20 today DON'T DO THIS!  IT'S DUMB AND YOU COULD DIE!  Got it?

If you've filmed your own 'Snow Challenge' video make sure you leave it in the comments below so we can feature you in the next Snow Challenge segment.

We'll start the Snow Challenge tour in Burton where Jennifer filmed her friend doing a nearly perfect belly flop into the snow.

Joe in Flint filmed a couple of Snow Challenges, but if you notice it looks like he is only making the kids do it!  Nice work Joe.

Sean in Flint jumped out in the -12 degree weather . . . IN A THONG!

Ricky made the jump as well!

Finally are a couple of Vine compilation videos.