C3 Ventures is bringing a great idea to Flint, by transforming old shipping containers into homes, businesses and much more.

C3 took over the industrial space at the old DuPont factory on James P. Cole Blvd in Flint, and have been very ambitious since.

The company has a mission to promote clean air, water, and soil.  That's why taking these shipping containers, that were mostly used one time, and finding a great use for them is so important.

The C3UP website shows unlimited potential for these crates, including everything from a home to a multi level business.  They've even coined their own term, "Upcycling" instead of recycling.  They are taking something, and making it better for it's second purpose.

Right now, they are working on turning about a half dozen containers into new homes.  The will eventually offer business solutions, and expanded housing using the crates.

Salute to C3 Ventures for finding a great way to make Flint a better place, when too many people are trying to tear us down.


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