The students at Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary are helping keep the homeless in Flint warm with blankets they made earlier this week.

Today is Global Youth Service Day, but the students started the hard work of helping those in need in Flint much earlier. They spent their lunch hour making blankets to take to the North End Soup Kitchen.

The idea was born when students were asked how they could make a positive difference in their community. Felicia Naimark talked to ABC12 about the project, and what the students thought was important.

They felt that there were a lot of homeless people that they see on the corners or outside of the buildings on their way to school and out in the community and they said we need to do something for that.

The funds for the project were provided by a grant from the United Way to help spur community engagement.

The volunteer spirit won't end today though, as many of the students have signed up to help serve food at the North End Soup Kitchen in the future.

THIS is the kind of example that our kids need to see. The need to help others is often overlooked in a competitive society. If more schools and kids are taught to prioritize community service, then we will see the positive effects every day.

You can learn more about how you and your kids can participate in Global Youth Service Day here.

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