The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality gave Flint officials till the 26th to approve a new long term plan for drinking water, but that did not happen last night.

The Flint City Council voted not to agree to the 30 year contract with the Great Lakes Water Authority, but agreed to extend the short term extension through September 30th.

Mayor Weaver has been urging the city council to sign the 30 year agreement, but there are many unknowns that have made council members feel uncomfortable about locking Flint into such a long term contract.

Now, according to MLive, the state may take legal action against Flint for delaying the process.  John Young is the state appointed water consultant, and he said that the action could start as early as this week.


This argument over where the water should come from is a perfect example of how the Flint Water Crisis started.  Instead of making the goal to ensure safe drinking water for Flint residents, our officials are too busy getting caught up in personal agendas and worry over costs.  Money is always important, but remember what happened when the Emergency Manger decided to save a few bucks by switching to the Flint River.  The priority should be to make sure that every resident has permanent access to safe tap water . . . THEN work on the long term water supplier.  In the mean time, use the millions of dollars that have been donated to Flint to cover costs.

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