Flint Hamady High School made positive rap songs with Bangtown Productions and Recordings (BPR).  Local students work together to produce and record their own positive rap songs.  Below are two songs created solely by the students under the guidance of BPR.

Rap music gets a bad reputation and some times rightfully so.  Hamady students takes the art form to show that positive rap music still exist.  BPR brings a mobile recording studio to the students to help illustrate teamwork and bring innovation to the musical experience most students would probably never experience.

Pharlon Randell is the CEO and President of BPR and has endeavored to enrich students through positive benefits of music.  Check out some of the work Randell and Hamady students have produced below.

Hamady Students & BPR 'We're The Best'

Hamady Students & BPR 'You Can Do It'

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