There's something magical about a White Christmas -- even if you despise the white stuff 364 days a year, waking up to snow on Christmas morning is a sight to behold, right?

But what are the chances we'll have enough snow on December 25th to have a White Christmas? The National Weather Service says we have a 52% chance of an "official" White Christmas this year.

Officially, there needs to be one inch of snow on the ground in order to declare a White Christmas. The National Weather Services bases its predictions on historical data from NOAA's National Climatic Data Center over the last 30 years.

As you'd expect, Northwest Michigan cities such as Traverse City and Boyne Falls have a better chance of seeing a White Christmas. Those areas have a 73% and 83% chance respectively of seeing an inch of snow on Christmas morning.  Several areas in Michigan's Upper Peninsula have more than a 95% chance of a White Christmas. Your chances of seeing snow diminish the farther south you travel.

If you're planning to be somewhere other than home for Christmas this year, check out the National Weather Services's White Christmas prediction map here.

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