An explosion that could be felt all over the city, destroyed a Flint house shortly after midnight, early Tuesday morning.

The blast was so powerful that windows were blown out of a handful of other houses in the area.  The house was located at the corner of Markham and Irving on the city's south side.

ABC12 is reporting that no one was home at the time and that the occupants may have moved out earlier. Facebook exploded with comments from people around the area, and not everyone is buying the natural gas explosion theory.

Some think that the house may have been used as a meth lab.


The good news is that nobody was hurt in the explosion, and Police will have the solid answers as soon as possible.

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI

Even crazier is that this Flint home explosion happened on the same day that a home in New Hampshire blew up after a police standoff. The video of that fire is dramatic, as the new helicopter caught the actual blast on live TV.