Flint Township Police and the F.A.N.G. unit were called to the 'Hometown Inn' on Miller Rd. early this morning, where they arrested a man for a possible meth lab.

ABC12 reports that there was no active lab, but the drug and components needed to make the drug were found.  One man was arrested.   A neighbor said he noticed a strong smell of chemicals near the room for the past few days.

This is crazy considering how busy of an area the lab was located in.  Most people consider drug houses to be located in an area with less traffic, but Meth is a different type of drug.

Fans of Breaking Bad know that Meth can be made pretty much anywhere, and fairly quickly.  The bad side is that it is extremely dangerous and harmful to anyone that might breath in the fumes produced.

Meth is also especially dangerous to anyone who values their teeth.

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI