A small group in Flint is doing what it can to control the excessive speeding in certain areas of the city.

One spot, in particular, Sunset Drive has seen a crazy amount of excess speeding and its fair share of car crashes. I can personally say I've seen 3 cars destroyed this year in that same area. Two of which were flipped completely upside down.

Sharon Bradley, president of the Glendale Hills Neighborhood Association, says the speeding along the 25 mph Sunset Drive is out of hand.


“My fear is that somebody is going to get hurt," Bradley continued. "We’ve had lots of things damaged here, telephone poles taken out, street lamps damaged to the Kettering fence, you know people have to pay for all of those things."


She’s hoping the recently installed radar sign that tracks when someone drives 20 miles over the speed limit provided by the Taming Traffic Task Force of Flint is a start.


A radar sign is a good start. People slow down automatically when you have a sign that's tracking your exact speed, but is it enough? I don't think so, I think we should go a step further in certain areas by laying down speed bumps.

A sign is a good start, but a speed bump will wreck your car if you don't slow down. And the best lesson's in life are the hard lessons. That way people will think twice before accelerating down a 25 mph zone like a mad man.

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