A Flint man is still recovering from injuries sustained from rescuing a family from a house fire.

Donations and support are pouring in for a Flint man who risked his life to save a family trapped inside a house fire. Friends and family along with total strangers are donating to Emily Rogers and her family after he house became a total loss due to a fire. Emily's boyfriend Kyle Hates made sure she and

Emily's boyfriend Kyle Hates made sure she and their four year old were safe before going back into the house to attempt to rescue their two cats and two dogs. Unfortunately Hayes was unable to save their pets, and during the attempted rescue his entire body caught fire.

Hayes is currently in the hospital recovering from burns sustained in the fire that cover over half of his body. Neighbors and total strangers have chipped in and are doing everything they can to help the family. If you would like to contribute and help this family get back on their feet click here.

Source: ABC12.com

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