The Department of Justice has announced that they've charged Sohyl Halloun the former Shorthorn Meat Market owner and a few others with wire fraud and a few other terrible things.

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The U.S Attorney’s office says that Halloun or his employees either directly provided money to the food stamp recipients in exchange for their benefits or engaged in another scheme that involved other co-conspirators and a local car wash.

It looks like they were running a bracket where they gave people 50 cents on the dollar for food stamps to make purchases. And if you didn't know, that's illegal to do. This dude racked up over $4 million dollars in fraud and tried to flee to Israel (hilarious) to avoid charges. Well, they got his stupid ass and an extradition force sent him back to the U.S to face charges.

During the investigation, Halloun fled to Israel and required extradition to force his return back to the US to face charges.


Halloun was sentenced to 42-months in a federal prison and ordered to pay more than $4,400,000 in restitution


Also, agents found a ton of expired meat and a co-defendant admitted to being directed to pour bleah on rotting chicken to sell it. Freaking gross! I personally went to this meat shop plenty of times. I actually developed a good relationship with a bunch of workers in there. So this story hit me personally. I've bought everything from chicken bundles to steak bundles. I would go out of my way to visit this spot and turns out they were selling expired meat. The bleaching of rotting meat makes me sick to think about. I'm just grateful that the police did their job and stopped this madness. What type of person bleaches rotting meat just to make a profit?

An evil person that who, and I hope he rots in prison for what he did.


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