Lakeshore Game Night is bringing game night to your house thanks to Flint native, Jared Leatzow.

I was listening to Stateside on the radio this week and heard an interesting story about a guy from Flint with a unique business idea. Home delivery has become the new standard for everything from groceries to school supplies, so Jared Leatzow decided to take it to entertainment.

Flikruser Amisue
Flikruser Amisue

He is originally from Flint, and talked about a few stores in our area that would let you rent board games for a few nights. He took the idea a step further, and has now started to deliver board games to people at their home. His company is called Lakeshore Games, and currently serves Muskegon County, and parts of Oceana and Ottawa counties.

Think about how cool that is. You're at home and want something to do with family or friends that does not involve electronics or leaving the house. Instead of running to the store to buy a game you might play once, you can have Leatzow bring you a game!

There are plenty of games to choose from, for all age groups and interests. You can check out the full selection at their website here.

Hopefully Jared's business takes off, and he can bring something similar back to Flint.

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