Potholes have become such a big problem in Flint this year that the city has set up a hotline for you to call and report where they are.

Officials are saying that this is the worst year in a decade for potholes in Flint's streets.  Road crews say that they'll easily go through 6 tons of pothole patch in a single day.

If you've hit a large pothole in the area (and we know you have) the city of Flint is asking you to call 810-766-7343 and report it.  If you get voice mail, leave the location of the pothole and your contact information.  Here's how I foresee some of these call in reports going.

Flint Pothole Line:  Hello, where is the pothole you'd like to report?

Caller:  Bristol Rd . . .

FPL:  Where on Bristol?

Caller:  All of Bristol Rd.  The whole damn thing.

 ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI