The time has come and the choice is clear, either vote this jackass off the city council or let him make our city look bad for another four years.

Flint has had an incredibly messy four years since the last city council election. The city has had multiple emergency managers, scandals, shake-ups, fights, a trash debacle, and a laundry list of other happenings that make people think that Flint is a disaster without even factoring in the massive injustice and tragedy caused by the water crisis. The point is, Flint has more than its share of major problems to deal with moving forward, why not get an easy one out of the way tomorrow -- Eric Mays.

If you follow Flint news, even in a casual capacity, Eric Mays is a name you know well, and probably not for anything that helped this city. Councilman Mays is a regular obstructionist at city council meetings, often times yelling and being forcibly removed by police for his shenanigans. The man has the gift of gab, but if you listen closely, there's not much substance behind his words. He talks in circles and can argue with the best of them due to his willingness to be louder than the other party. He's basically a human fillibuster, which can really only be used to prevent things from happening. Unfortunately for him, that's not going to be a useful skill in moving Flint forward.

Outside of that, Mr. Mays has nothing to offer the City of Flint except for more embarrassment. He's served up plenty of that over the past few years. Before you vote tomorrow, do yourself a favor and glance over the following lowlights and ask yourself, "Does Flint really need more of this?"

Eric Mays Arrested for Drunk Driving, Fires Lawyer, Defends Himself

The evidence was insurmountable. At 2:30a on November 30th, 2013, Mays was found by police attempting to change four flat tires on his vehicle, which was facing the wrong way on I-475. He allegedly admitted guilt to the police and was subsequently arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, possession of marijuana, and also had no proof of insurance.

After firing his lawyer and opting to defend himself, he made a mockery of our legal system during the trial. Offering everything but an admission of guilt, including implying someone else was driving and claiming his dentures caused a false positive on the breathalyzer (that's not a real thing, by the way). If you don't believe me, see for yourself below.

Somehow, he got that case thrown out and was eventually found guilty of only impaired driving, for which he served 30 days in Genesee County Jail in early 2016.


Eric Mays Pleads to for Pawning a City-Issued Laptop 9 Times

Back in August, Mays plead guilty to single count of willful neglect by a public official after it was discovered that he had repeatedly pawned his city-issued laptop. Police said that he would buy the laptop back from pawn shop, only to return and pawn it the next day for around $100.

Mays is facing a year in jail over the charge and will be sentenced after the election. Watch him sort of explain the situation.


Eric Mays Goes Nuts in Council Meeting

Honestly, there's nothing unique or surprising about this particular video. It's just a pretty good peek into the way Mr. Mays conducts himself in meetings.

This happens all the time, although his blowups are not always as intense as this one.


So ask yourself this, Flint -- is this the kind of person you want representing you?  Over the past four years, we've had to suffer his foolish behavior far too many times. He disgraces the city with his antics, and his behavior reflects poorly on our judgment. If we continue to elect people like him, don't be surprised when the state government steps in and makes more devastatingly bad decisions for us.

Do what you want with your vote, but if I lived in the first ward, I certainly wouldn't waste my vote on this clown.

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