Sam Williams is a Flint radio Icon, and the entire community is mourning his death at 93 years old.

Sam hosted Sunday Morning Gospel on 92.7 for 40 years before passing away Monday. Sam helped start the first ever black owned radio station in Flint in 1979. Sam was a mainstay on Flint airwaves through multiple ownership changes. He became the voice of Sunday mornings for most of Flint, and will be missed by everyone in our city.

I had the honor of working with Sam in the late 90's and early 2000's. I worked for a sister station, and started out doing overnights. One of the favorite parts of my day was spending a few minutes talking to Sam as he got ready to start his show. Sam was the picture of integrity and always made time to talk, even to a lowly part time overnight kid.

Despite working for the competition, I have nothing but respect and admiration for Sam. Losing someone of his caliber erases any petty competition that exists between stations. His passing is a loss that our entire city will feel, and hopefully we all take some time to remember a few of the lessons that Sam would pass on every Sunday morning.

There is no way to fill the void that Sam is leaving, but I think we are all lucky to have been able to have him on the air as long as we did. I'll miss you Sam, and I know the rest of Flint will too.

There are no funeral arrangements yet for Sam, but when they are posted we will update this story.

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