By now the entire world knows about the water crisis in the city of Flint. While we appreciate all the charity work, special celebrity visits, and water drives we all fear that people will forget about us once the media leaves. Even though this water situation is a tragedy I have constantly said it is a blessing in disguise.

I think we have all come together and shown that there is still humanity, love and companionship in this city.

Local rapper Shemy has shown this, in his newest single entitled "Home", an entire song he's recorded about the water crisis.

Check all the dope one liners as he takes a shot at Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and even the multi billion dollar corporation Nestle.

The city of Flint has so many talented local artists and Shemy is at the top of that list, so check out this banger made by Shemy featuring Damon McKenzie and produced by Bandplay.