The Flint Registry is now open and encouraging anyone affected by the Flint Water Crisis to enroll.

The program is open for anyone who lived, worked, went to school or had childcare in the areas impacted by the Flint Water Crisis. Getting involved with The Flint Registry is free and easy. The best part is that people will be able to connect with much needed resources in just one step.

According to the mission of the program is simple.

The Flint Registry is a project that will connect people to services and programs to promote health and wellness and help understand how the Flint water crisis has affected the Flint community.

The Registry is lead by Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, who is credited with exposing the Flint Water Crisis in the first place.

If you need more information about The Flint Registry, click here. You can also get updates and important information at the Flint Registry Facebook here.

The Flint Registry is exactly the type of program that Flint needs right now. Many people are wondering where all of the money to help Flint is actually going, and this is a great example of spending the money the right way. The Registry is a one stop shop to help get people back on the road to health after the Flint Water Crisis.

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