The EPA and State of Michigan are telling Flint water users to run their water at full blast to help flush the lead out of the system.

The plan was announced last month, and this is the week that Flint residents should start taking action.  Officials think that it will help speed up the Flint water system recover from the recent problems.

Nobody has been using their water over the last few months due to the lead contamination, so the lead that is in the pipes is not able to move.  By flushing out each home, along with fire hydrants in the city, the tainted water is able to be moved out of the pipes.

Flushing your system is basically done it two simple steps.

  1. Run the water in your bathtub at the highest flow for 5-10 minutes
  2. Do the same thing in your kitchen, but make sure to remove any filter that you have while doing so.

The best part of this plan is that the State of Michigan is flipping the bill for the increase in water usage.


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