Chris McLavish and his group of Runnin' Rebels at CMB Basketball did an amazing thing this weekend for the people of Flint.

Chris took his AAU team to an AAU tournament in Indianapolis this past weekend. Instead of putting the focus only on trying to beat the other teams in the tournament, Chris and his team brought people together.

McLavish reached out to the other teams in the tournament and told them about the issues of Michigan cutting off bottled water to Flint. The response he received was unbelievable.

What started out as a thought that might fill all of the parents vehicles with water for the trip back, turned into an amazing show of support for Flint that filled multiple semi trucks. Teams from all over the Midwest brought cases of water to the tournament.

Coaches, players, and parents from all over the country teamed up to help our community. The whole idea started with McLavish and a group of hard working kids.

Now the semi's are driving north to Flint with trailers full of water.

The water distribution for Flint residents will begin at Noon today at Dort Federal Event Center. Please bring proof of residence and an open spot in your trunk for a few cases of water. Club 93.7 will be broadcasting live from the water distribution today, but get there early because the water will go fast.

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