Flint residents are being advised to pick up water for the holiday weekend as soon as possible, because all distribution sites will close this weekend.

Starting at 6pm on Saturday May 27th, all nine of the Flint water distribution sites will be closed until Tuesday May 30th at Noon.  The closure has been planned for a while, so volunteers could enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend.

If you need to pick up water, testing kits, filters, or any of the other services provided, you are being urged to do it today or early Saturday.

There is a plan in place for those who may be home-bound or need delivery.  Anyone needing assistance is being asked to call 211 and schedule delivery through the United Way.

So far there has not been a huge reaction to the closure of the water sites, but you can bet that not everyone will hear about it.  The first person that shows up on Sunday or Monday trying to pick up water will be upset, and could be in trouble if they have no water left at home.  So please spread the word about the scheduled closure so that nobody is left dry over the holiday weekend.

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