Common sense won the day as the Flint City Council unanimously voted to stop any property liens stemming from past due water bills.

The only problem is that the decision may be short lived.

Flint City Council gathered at a special meeting Wednesday night to talk about the property liens that were proposed for residents with outstanding water bills.  The Liens were scheduled to be put in place on Friday, but the ACLU stepped in on behalf of Flint residents.

The meeting was very heated at times according to WNEM, but in the end the city council voted 8-0 in favor of suspending the liens.

The bad news is that last nights decision could be very short lived.  Mayor Karen Weaver, and the state advisory board both have the power to overturn the ruling at any time.  So far, neither has commented on what they intend to do regarding the city councils vote.

Hopefully common sense will continue to reign supreme, but that definitely hasn't always been the case with the Flint Water Crisis.  Watch some of the highlights of last nights meeting from WNEM below.

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