Flint's basketball history becomes stronger with Brittany Brown becoming a college women's basketball head coach at the age of 25.  As a former Flint Central star basketball player, Brown is keeping the legacy of successful athletes from the Vehicle City alive and well.

Brittany Brown is the head coach of the Community College of Rhode Island for the women's hoop team.  Even though Brown is only 25 years old, she believe she has what it takes to be successful.

"When I first came to coach, that was one of my biggest fears, that the kids wouldn't listen to me because I'm young and they may think I'm not knowledgeable," Brown said. "But once you go out there and talk to them and they see you know what you're talking about and your wisdom, then they have no choice but to respect you."

Brown took over the coaching duties after serving Kate Lynch for the past two years.  Instead of following Lynch, Brown decided to throw her name in the hat to lead CCRI to the next level.  Brown revealed the anticipated difference between being a head coach from being an assistant.

"It's just so much more responsibility," Brown said with a laugh. "When you're an assistant you can just suggest things but everything is on your shoulders now as a head coach so if we lose by one or win by 20 you get the fame or people asking what is she doing? Everything is on my shoulders now and it's a lot of pressure coming off of a good season."

We're excited that Brittany is taking her basketball aspiration to the next level.  Becoming a head coach on the college level at at the age of 25, is a great accomplishment.  We hope the best from our Flintstone Brittany Brown and Community College of Rhode Island women's hoop squad.

Do you think Flint, MI has produced the best basketball players than any other place in the United States?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

via MLive