Flint rapper, 'Krispy Kreme' is in a little bit of trouble right now, and it's not because his parents caught him skipping school.  The Donut making company 'Krispy Kreme' has informed him that he has to change his name or face copyright charges.

Krispy explains that the Donut makers called his house and told his dad that he needed a new rap name.  He immediately turned to his partner in crime, Money Maker Mike for suggestions and the list of new names is lacking.

The list of suggestions are:

froggy fresh
candy cane
jelly bean
jelly bean jack
lil kuntry
white chocolate

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure all of those suck.  If the Donut Monster forces Krispy to change his name then we are going to organize a march from Bendle to City Hall.