Michael Jackson will forever live in the memories of all of us as a superstar, however his children will always remember him as much more than that. Videos recently surfaced showing just the relationship the children had with their father Michael Jackson.

What we all may have forgot was when the curtain closed, MJ had to be a father.

Michael Jackson was a phenomenal entertainer and social activist within the global perspective, just as we loved MJ and his gyrating across stages and theatrical visuals, his children cherished him as a father. Though his children grew up in the public spotlight and scrutiny, it will always be unseen principles of fatherhood that we will never see. From the looks of the video, Michael was a much better father than performer.

TMZ recently released the footage showing Michael's fatherly side, this footage was also used in court proceedings for the wrongful death suit the Jackson family has filed against concert promotion company, AEG.

Check out the videos from Christmas and the toddler years of the heirs of the Jackson throne below:

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