A very interesting story came across my screen of a former drug addict who was scammed out of his lottery winnings was finally awarded $5 million.  That is big time money right there. 

Robert Miles won a $5 million lottery scratch off ticket in Syracuse, New York while battling a drug addiction.  The store clerks tricked him to believe he only won $5,000.  Not being fully aware, Miles walked away with the $4,000 cash from the convenience store.

Andy and Nayel Ashkar, two brothers, scammed Miles out of his large lotto winnings.  Last year, the brothers tried to turn in the winning ticket but gaming officials investigated the questionable move.  Both brothers and their father went to criminal trial over the horrible act.

Andy Ashkar was eventually sentenced to 25 years in prison while his brother walked sky free due lack of evidence.  The father, who owned the store, was convicted of filing false instrument and conspiracy.

Miles has been working as a maintenance man at an apartment complex and has been patience through it all.  It has been seven years since he purchased the lottery ticket.  He will be awarded $2.1 million after taxes as a lump sum or $250k a year for 20 years.

Here is a classic reason why I do not like shopping at convenience stores.  They are always over priced and I feel like I am getting scammed.  I am extremely glad Miles was given his winnings.  I pray and hope he doesn't return to drugs and blow through the money.

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