If you thought that only teachers are taking advantage of kids you're wrong because a former high school cheerleader plead guilty to prostituting a fellow cheerleader. Parents, watch who your kids are around. 

Montia Parker plead guilty to pimping a fellow 16 year old girl.  Parker admitted she told a fellow cheerleader that she could make money by having sex with men.  Well, the impressionable girl believed Parker and started turning tricks.

After successfully turning her first trick, Parker tried to pimp out the young girl the very next day.  The newbie wasn't up in the mood for sex and things turned south.

Parker posed as the teen's mother and was pulling her out of school to on several occasions.  The mother of the young teen saw a difference in her daughter's behavior and started doing the parental investigation.  After the mom went through her daughter's phone, she was able to find out about the entire prostitution operation.

Parker will be sentenced in October for her bizarre pimping career.  She turned down a plea deal that would have given her 45-60 months in prison which some legal experts would say was generous.

Parents, please pay close attention to your children this school.  People are preying on the young and will do anything to pervert them.

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