'Toddlers And Tiaras' is a show known for how well it portrays children and their caring mothers.

Let me clarify by letting you know that the sentence above is  a complete lie.  'Toddlers And Tiaras' showcases the most insane group of mothers, and unfortunate kids that they can find.

Every single time I watch this show (once) I find myself hating everyone on it.  In the end though you can't blame the kids, can you?

The toddler has no idea that she is dressed as a street-walker does she?

Maybe this will have a happy ending just like 'Pretty Woman'.  Maybe a new mom will pay this little girl to live with her for a week, only to realize that she loves her and wants her to live there for free.

Maybe TLC will realize that this is not the message they want to broadcast to the world, and rethink their programming.

Most likely though, we will suffer through more spoiled kids, deranged moms, and uplifting stories about three year old hookers.