When art imitates life, a level of truth and understanding can be unlocked. Possibly with the help of a therapist session, Freddie Gibbs was able to tap back into his dark days in Austrian prison in his new music video for "Andrea."

The Eric Nelson-directed video opens with a fitting scene of Freddie cruising in California in a red Mustang to match the jazz lounge production from Pops, SLWJMZ and Crooklin. At around the one minute mark, you'll notice a brushfire that starts and spreads as Gibbs continues to drive. As it engulfs the mountainside, the camera quickly cuts to Gibbs laying down in a jail cell. The unexpected change in scenery reflects how Gibbs felt when he went from touring across seas to a small room behind bars. Before the rough jump back to incarceration, there are glimpses of a woman walking away from Gibbs that might symbolize the loss of his freedom.

While in jail, the beat and lyrics slow down similar to how time must have felt like it was slowing down for Freddie in jail. It shows him going through the daily motions of laying in bed and getting his one phone call a day. His isolation and lack of any other character appearing on screen drives home the point that Freddie must have felt totally alone in a jail in another country. The scenes of him thinking in his bed must align with his line that explains the name of the song: "Time to go get me some yayo, I know that Andrea gon' lease that car for me."

"Andrea" comes off of Freddie's last project You Only Live 2wice.

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