Tom Mabe and his friends were sick of watching their friend repeatedly put himself and others at risk by drunk driving.  They waited until he passed out in his car and set up one of the best life lesson pranks ever.

Their boozing friend has recorded 5 DUI's! Yes FIVE of them!

Despite the trouble with the law and constant warnings from his friends and family he continues to drink and drive.  Tom Mabe and his friends decided to teach him a lesson the next time this happened.

The prank starts with a call saying that the boozer is out cold, and that it's "Go Time."

Mabe and his crew jump into action, turning an office into a makeshift hospital room, and transporting their passed out friend into the room.

Watch what happens when they try to convince the man that he's lost a decade of his life to a wreck that happened while he was driving drunk.

Was the prank a setup?

Probably.  Considering they never give the mans real name, but the message is way to powerful to really care if its set up or not.

If anyone knows someone that reminds them of the prank victim, please do whatever you can to get them to stop.  Don't quit until they realize that their bad decisions will eventually cause a tragedy for someone other than just themselves.