Future actually wanted to tussle with the men who attacked his bodyguard at the International Airport in Ibiza, Spain on Monday (July 22), but didn't get involved for fear of ending up like A$AP Rocky.

As previously reported, a viral video surfaced that shows a man run up to the bodyguard from behind and punch him so hard that it knocks him out to the ground. The bodyguard eventually gets up, still dazed by the punch and walks away. According to a TMZ report published on Tuesday (July 23), the rapper's team quickly pulled him away from the altercation to avoid a situation similar to what A$AP Rocky is going through in Sweden.

As you may know, Rocky is currently detained in a Swedish jail after he and his crew got into a confrontation with two men. The Harlem rapper will have to say in custody for at least another week until he can see a judge. There has been an online campaign to get Rocky out of jail, and even President Donald Trump offered his assistance, but to no avail.

As for Future's situation, the Atlanta rapper went on his Instagram Story on Monday to distance himself from the fight that happened at the Spain airport. According to him, the attackers, who he calls "fake goons," allegedly offered him sexual favors for a picture. Future said that when he denied their advances they got mad and did "sum sucker shit."

Future claims that he hadn't witnessed the attack and wants no part of it. "Leave me out anything have to do with this incident," he wrote in his IG post.

According to TMZ sources, the bodyguard is doing well.

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