Genesee County has been hit hard financially by the Coronavirus pandemic, but some help is on the way.

The money is coming through federal grants that will distribute more than $2 Million throughout mid-Michigan. Genesee County is slated to get the majority of that money to help stabilize the local economy. We all know first hand how hard the pandemic has been financially, so this relief is much needed.

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According to Mid Michigan Now, the money distribution breaks out as listed below.

  • Genesee County - $1,221,403
  • City of Flint - $486,162
  • Saginaw - $260, 964
  • Bay City - $191,213

The majority of the money will be coming to Flint and Genesee County with these grants. The other areas are just as hard hit, but I have to think that the prolonged effects of the Flint Water Crisis may have played a roll. There are also federal dollars outside of this grant that are going toward the Bay City/Saginaw/Midland areas to help with the flooding earlier this year.

It's impossible to say how many businesses will be feeling the impact of the financial hardships brought on by the pandemic. There are still many businesses in our area that have not had their doors open since March. We have reported on many that have just decided to close up shop for good in response to the pandemic.

There has been a lot of conflict between business owners and Michigan officials on the best way to reopen. Just last week Governor Whitmer approved the opening of gyms, and bowling alleys. Some gyms have figured out ways to work around the closures, but for now we are all living in the same, limited capacity world.


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