I've been so frustrated with the Dort Highway interchange at I-75 project since the construction started earlier this summer. Not because I don't think the work is needed but because I always forget that it's closed and then I have to go way out of my way when driving somewhere.

According to ABC 12, The Dort Highway interchange at I-75 closed entirely in July so crews can add three roundabouts and a full mile onto Dort Highway.

It's looking like the entrance and exit ramps at Dort Highway and I-75 will reopen again by November.

Eric Johnston of the Genesee County Road Commission:

We have done a 40-year projection and it shows things will just get jumbled and congested. So that’s what this project is for -- to help with that and reduce the projected congestion, so people aren’t just sitting there and there won’t be as many accidents.

Eric Johnston also said that there's another major project that's happening along Dort Highway as well.

There’s also a large pipeline project happening along the road too that Consumers Energy is working on. That goes from Gibson Road to M-59. This is the third phase of that project, which started up in Saginaw County two years ago.


Consumers has been able to put the pipeline in before we have to go in with the road. So they’re not having to come back through and cut up the road. So we’ve been ready to build the road. They said they would bore the pipeline under the roadway, so the crews aren’t bothering each other -- just a lot of communication.

At the end of the day, I only care about Dort and 75 being reopened. That's been a pain since day one. Mainly because I'm an idiot.

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