The 'You Are The Future' scholarship awards $1,000 to students who display a commitment to the community they live in, and one of this years winners is from Flushing.

Rayna Hornacek is from Flushing, and plans on going to Michigan State in the fall to become a nurse. She was awarded the $1,000 scholarship from Financial Plus Credit Union to be used toward tuition, books, fees, or room and board. Rayna wowed the judging panel with her extensive community work, and what the judges described as a, "Powerful and unique essay."

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Financial Plus has been working with the communities they are in for years to help lift up students, and reward them for their hard work. This scholarship program is just one of the many ways that they work to support members of their community.

Rayne is extremely deserving of the honor, and no doubt will put the money to good use. She serves as a mentor to elementary school kids, working to keep them active and learning. It's no surprise that she is going to MSU to become a nurse. Even though the last year, nursing has been one of the most challenging careers ever, she is dedicated to helping the people around her.

This has been a year where many of us have felt like it took everything we had just to fend for ourselves. That's why I have such admiration for the people that have found ways to help others during the pandemic.

The other scholarship winner is another outstanding young woman named Lauren Guiterrez from Walker, Michigan. She will also receive a $1,000 award, and she is attending Grand Valley.


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