A Genesee County woman won half a million dollars playing the "Michigan Lottery’s Full of $500′s" game. Lady luck shines bright on this one. 

We all dream of one day hitting the lottery and running off into the sunset with a bag of cash. Well, for this 52-year-old Genesee county woman that's exactly what happened.

Source: Mlive.com

“I bought the Full of $500′s ticket thinking that it would be great to win $500,” said the winner. “I never in my wildest dreams thought I would win $500,000!”

With the winnings, she says she plans to pay off her bills, buy a new car and save the remainder. Most importantly, the money will provide stability for her family.

The winning ticket was sold at the Speedway gas station on 5252 Miller Rd. And I hope she starts to train her mind on how to maintain and spend that 500K. In the right hands, you could be set for life by starting a business or making smart investments. Or you could end up like the 70% of winners that end up broke, or worst, dead.

Congrats nonetheless!

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