Unfortunately the times we live in produced a Georgia mom to be forced to prove her gender to renew her driver's license.  The Peach State resident's birth certificate showed she was born a man but naturally, that was wrong. 

Nakia Grimes, of Clayton County in Georgia, had to prove her gender after a mistake was found on her birth certificate.  New laws requires a birth certificate to renew your driver's license in the Peach State.  However, Grimes' certificate has been wrong for 37 years.

This was a honest mistake but the DMV clerk told Grimes to prove her gender by taking a PAP exam and have the results notarized.  Before hearing the outrageous request, Grimes told the Fox 5 Atlanta that she tried to clarify to issue with the clerk.

"When I went to retrieve my birth certificate, I let her know the sex status is wrong," Grimes said. "I'm a woman, was born a woman."

The gender proving mother caught a break when she was able to produce a birth certificate for her son.  A representative from the DMV was contacted by the news station and revealed the clerk was not following protocol and would be investigated.

I am never in favor of someone losing their job but the clerk that made this process challenging should be walking on thin ice.  Nakia was embarrassed and humiliated over simple process of renewing your driver's license. Do you think the clerk should be fired?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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