Everyone seems to have an impression of Flint, but do they really know what we're all about? The Flint Water Crisis put our city in the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons, and if I had a nickel for every time someone has opined about the Buick City based solely on watching 'Roger & Me,' well, I'd have a lot of nickels.

So if you're about to move to the Flint area, or if you've lived here all your life, take a look at what Flint has to offer from A to Z.

And we'll admit right up front that we had to stretch a little in order to cover 'Q' and 'Z.'


Getting to Know Flint From A to Z

Whether you're new to the area or have lived here all your life, here's a look at what Flint has to offer, from A to Z.

Peek Inside Don & Patsy Lou Williamson's Beautiful Davison Home

This breathtaking home in Davison belonged to former Flint Mayor Don Williamson and his wife Patsy Lou Williamson who owned several car dealerships in the area. Their custom-designed home was built in 2010 and sits on 19 acres on the Potter Lake Peninsula. The main home is about 3,800 square feet and there's a stunning guest house on the property as well.

Songs That Mention Michigan

We've put together a list of 50 songs that mention Michigan. Take a look and see how many you've heard! If you've heard all 50, congratulations, you're a true Michigander.

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