Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas lives up to his Instagram name with a post published Thursday evening (June 30) commenting on the news that Iggy Azalea broke off her engagement to Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young because security footage showed the swingman brining other women to their home while Iggy was away. According to Arenas though, who hasn't played in the NBA since the 2011-12 season, Iggy should blame herself for leaving Young home alone.

"My Nigha hit iggy with the #back2back cheating," he wrote. "She said she was gonna cut that shit OFF if she caught you cheating AGAIN #drakevoice (so you took a break from views, NOW you was BACK 2 ASS) blame yo self knew damn well you couldn't leave yo dog at the house with no DOG FOOD, you didnt even leave #NoPuppyChow #NoPedagree #NokibblesAndBits no nothing how was he suppose to eat?..should have left yo pu55y at the house #ShameOnYOU..i wanna thank all the ladies who saved my boy @swaggyp1 life yall are the real MVPS and #IGGY should be arrested for #animalcruelty leaving yo dog at home without no food is a crime in american Nigha...SOMEBODY GO arrest HER PLS."

It would seem that, according to Arenas, a woman should stay at home to be the sexual object her man needs and deserves or expect to be cheated on. Add to it, that Young's own profession requires him to travel the country for six months out of the year, and Arenas's post not only illuminates a double standard with regard to who he feels can go out and earn money, but completely absolves of Young of any responsibility. Oh, and there is the wrinkle that Young initiated contact with Iggy when they first got together, meaning perhaps he was fine with the distance that comes with dating a popular rapper.

One can only hope that there is a sliver of sarcasm in Arenas's post, or else his view of women is pretty despicable. Read his comments up above. For Iggy, she has posted to Twitter expressing her devastation at this recent turn of events.

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