Stephen Zhang wanted to know if a drunk girl walking the streets of Hollywood would be able to find one guy to safely give her a ride home.  You may be surprised by the answer.

The social experiment asked one simple question:

Guys, how would you react if a super drunk young woman came up to you like this?

The answer, according to the guys in the video, is not very flattering.

She walked up to five different men and only one tried to give her help to get home with the four others trying to get her back to their place.  

One guy even tried to lure her win by letting her know that he had a waterbed!  Seriously, a waterbed.  I'm not sure if that was supposed to be seductive, or if she would be impressed that she could sleep with the last man in the world to own a waterbed.

Two men even almost got into a fight over who would bring her back to their place.